Where should you trade Bitcoin?

Trading your bitcoin and other cryptocurrency is like trading in real life with real life legal money and real physical goods and services. Only in this case you are using your digital money to get things. These digital money is decentralized modes of exchange.

You can exchange real money to bitcoin and then bitcoin to another currency. Sometimes fiat currency conversion with digital currency as mediator is better due to the high fiat exchange rates.

Bitcoin is the current number one, oldest, and most stable cryptocurrency in existence. It is like the gold standard of cryptocurrencies.


Peer to peer, person to person, or P2P is exchanging cryptocurrencies to any commodities or services. A trade directly from one person to another person. Where to trade bitcoin to real fiat cash or commodities in your area depends if you have a shop or person that accepts bitcoin. This also extends to wallet to wallet transactions online.

Online trading sites

There are plenty of online sites where to trade Bitcoin. You can convert your wallet’s bitcoin into real fiat currencies and get them directly into your bank and the reverse. Where to trade bitcoin in the internet is easy to find and some bitcoin guide sites offer you a list of physical places or online trading sites where you can exchange your digital assets.

Direct bitcoin payment

You can find more and more online and physical shops where you can conveniently and directly pay with your bitcoins. Amazon and other popular online shopping sites have sellers that accept bitcoin as a mode of payment. There are also physical shops where to trade bitcoin to fiat currency is not needed anymore as they accept bitcoin as a primary mode of payment with QR code scanners and other input methods.


There are also places where you can join in and invest using bitcoins. These are becoming more and more popular as bitcoin users gain more knowledge in bitcoin and hot to get them. Some people invest solely on cryptocurrency and get so rich that they can afford to buy high end luxury goods without spending any real legal cash.

Before you start investing in bitcoins, arm yourself in knowledge and a good cryptocurrency finance analyst that can help you grow your bitcoin. Investing is a hard game to play especially if you are a nob so don’t invest unless you got the finance background or experience in any advance trading field.

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