Who is John McAfee?

If you have McAfee software on your electronic device, then you might be wondering who is John McAfee. He is born September 18, 1945. A British-American computer programmer and businessman.

McAfee security software

If you are now working with McAfee, you won’t think twice about the question about who is John McAfee. He founded the company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994. McAfee was active in the company until he resigned in 1994 and has not set foot there ever since.

McAfee Associates was purchased by Intel Security in 2011 and is formerly known as Intel Security Group from 2014–2017. The company was rolled out of Intel on April 4, 2017 and became McAfee LLC.

The company primarily develops digital-security tools for computers and server devices. More recently they also began to make security software for mobile devices.

2008 global financial crisis and recession

The global financial crisis of 2007 and 2008 hit him as his fortune declined from $100million to just $4million. Before and during those times, he invested or built many mansions in the USA that was left unsold when the financial crisis hit.

Since then John McAfee have been building various companies like QuorumEx, Future Tense Central, Everykey, and more.

2016 MGT and security flaws on devices

If you are still asking who is John McAfee in the company called MGT Capital Investments, well here you go. McAfee was appointed chief executive chairman and CEO of MGT Capital Investment in May 2016. McAfee changed MGT’s focus from social gaming to cyber security. He believed that the new thing in cyber security is stopping the hacker even before they get to you and make damages.

He pointed this out when his team found several flaws in security of devices as evident to the 2016 case where he volunteered to decrypt an iPhone used by criminals in the San Bernardino shooting. The event lead Apple and the world how easy it is to crack seemingly secured devices.


He moved MGT into mining for bitcoin and other digital currencies so that the company can expand in both wealth and information. It was all for cyber security as he was being doubtful of bitcoin’s security.

In January 2018he left MGT and has then spent time on cryptocurrencies. The decision to leave MGT was made after MGT was getting pressured by potential investors for MGT to let go of McAfee.

If you ever want to know who is John McAfee, all answers are given above.

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