Who is Erik Voorhees?

If you are in the bitcoin world then you might ask the question who is Erik Voorhees? He graduated in 2007 from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington.

He is originally from Colorado and have moved to plenty of places including but not limited to Dubai, Panama, New York City and New Hampshire.

Who is Erik Voorhees in the world of digital currency?

He is the founder and former CEO of Coinapault, a company that transfers bitcoin via SMS and email.

He also founded Satoshi Dice, had it had been criticized for a high level of gambling traffic and vastly increased the amount of data in a bitcoin block chain. In 2013 he sold the site for over 100,000 Bitcoins that was valued at $11.5 million at the time, this was said to be the first big Bitcoin Acquisition.

He joined BitInstant in February 2012 and served as the Head of Marketing and Communications.

Voorhees has been a Member of Cryptocurrency Advisory Board at MGT Capital Investments, Inc. since June 14, 2016.

Cryptocurrency believer and investor

Voorhees does not believe in Federal Reserve System and calls it a fraud due to its management. He is also motivated by the idea that the actual monetary system has problems on counter-party risk. He is an outspoken opponent of taxation though he does file with the IRS as an American citizen.

Critics and economic analysts still has doubts over bitcoin as a viable digital currency for the future. But it does not stop theses brave souls to invest fortunes in bitcoin.

As a Cryptocurrency believer, he is also one the 5 top investors in bitcoin aside from Roger Ver, Adam Draper, Marc Andreessen, and Barry Silbert. They have been working on bringing people into the world of digital currency and investments.

He keeps all his assets and finances in bitcoin. He is active in the world of cryptocurrency and is one of its prominent and key figures.


Who is Erik Voorhees in Shapeshift? He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ShapeShift Ag. ShapeShift is a company that offers global trading of a variety of digital assets via web and mobile iOS and Android platforms. It is the leading place for crypto market exchanges.

The company was founded in 2013 in Switzerland. The company has received investments from Roger Ver and Barry Silbert and additional investment from Digital Currency Group, Bitfinex, Bitcoin Capital and Mardal Investments.

So, if you don’t know who is Erik Voorhees, you already found all the answers in the text above.

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